Gatekeeper of the Galaxy

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Aug. 27, 2020Russia
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2071 year. Galactic wars destroyed the moon and changed the climate on Earth. Moscow is in the rainforests, and New York is covered in ice. A huge alien ship rises above Moscow – it is a stadium where spectacular intergalactic spaceball competitions are held – a game that combines sports and gladiatorial fights. The matches are monitored by the whole galaxy. Only athletes can play spaceball. That is what they call those who are endowed with extraordinary abilities and can manage them. Cosmobol is loved by everyone except Anton, the most ordinary guy who just wants to find work to help his family. But once supernormal abilities are discovered in him, and they are accepted into the national team. Now he is a spaceball player. Anton still does not suspect what role is destined for him in this match, and that the final game will be a battle for Earth.

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Original title Вратарь Галактики

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